Modern Orthodontic Dental Laboratory

Modern Orthodontic Dental Laboratory is an associate company of SmileVilleTM Ortho-Dental Limited, an orthodontic services support company.

Modern Orthodontic Dental Laboratory, located in Lagos, Nigeria is equipped with state of the art facilities borne out of the drive and commitment to deliver quality, fast and reliable services within and outside Nigeria.

At Modern Orthodontic Dental Laboratory, we have deployed sophisticated and modern technology to cater for our clients’ peculiar requirements and we shall always strive to accommodate all cases and jobs irrespective of distance, description of job and case peculiarity.

Come and have a taste of our services and you will be wowed.


Modern Orthodontic Dental Laboratory ensures timely and prompt delivery of cases to key into your delivery schedule. This, however, excludes days for shipping. Our delivery timelines are as outlined:

Retainers 2 – 3 Working Days

Space maintainers 2 Working Days

Habit Appliances 2 Working Days

Splints 2 Working Days

Functional Appliances 5-7 Working Days

SmileVilleTM Aligners 10-14 Working Days

Note: To ensure quality service and scheduled speedy delivery, the required due date should be indicated on the prescription form. We are inclined to revert to the above lead times from date of receipt if Cases are submitted without due date.


Currently, prescriptions are made hand-written on a prescription form. Please endeavor to provide detailed information that covers every specification required as this will give room for flexibility and speedy service. You can request for our prescription form via or call: +2348087611411, +2348061267826.


We will appreciate our esteemed customers to wrap each model separately in foam or bubble wraps with the name of patients on the base of the model. Do not attach prescription to wet models when sending prescription with impressions; this is to avert damage to the prescription.


In order to cater for variety of designs specifications, we fabricate variety of appliances for variety of users even if the design specifications vary from industry standard. Please call our contact lines : +2348087611411, +2348061267826 regarding standard designs vis-à-vis your personal preferences so that we can fabricate designs that meet your needs.

You can download forms, price list and our laboratory catalog below